Notices about Curraha


Best practice for Ministers of the Word
In our three churches we have a very high standard of proclaiming the word of God. This is something regularly commented on by visiting priests and visitors to our liturgies. This is due to the great work of our Ministers of the word who really do a great job.
The role of proclaiming the word of God is very important. In doing so, we are nourishing God’s people and this is a great privilege, blessing and challenge.

A few important tips to ensure we continue this high standard & best practice;
As we have Lectionaries now in each church, I ask all Ministers to read from the “Lectionary” on the ambo. . Before mass begins feel free go up and have a look to reassure yourself.
Before you start reading, please make sure the Microphone is at the same level as your mouth or slightly below then stand at least six inches away from the Mic. This ensures the best result. If you stand too close to the microphone you will get feed- back and also hear your own breathing.
Please don’t say “First reading or Second Reading” or read what is written in italics. In the same way, please don’t say “Responsorial Psalm Response is” it or “ response” at the end of every verse of the Psalm, just look up and that is the cue for the people to respond, maybe join in with them but in a lower voice. This encourages the congregation to respond, which is so important.
If you are unable to attend on your given Sunday I would ask you to get another reader to cover for you.
Please don’t forget to drop into the sacristy to let the celebrant know you are present.

Thank you for your hard work & May God continue to bless you in your ministry.