Basket collectors, counters and envelope collectors:

Curraha Church Bank Details.

Bank of Ireland, Main Street, Ashbourne, Co Meath

Curraha Church Parish Funds:  IBAN: IE74 BOFI 9031 8910 2467 41     BIC: Code: BOFIIE2D.

Curraha Parish Offerings: IBAN: IE49BOFI90318912452098 BIC: BOFIIE2D

 Ardcath/Clonalvy Church Bank Details

Bank of Ireland ,Main St, Ashbourne, Co Meath

Ardcath/Clonalvy Parish Funds: IBAN: IE91BOFI90318961335656 BIC: BOFIIE2D

Ardcath/Clonalvy Parish Offerings: IBAN: IE15BOFI90318988129879 BIC: BOFIIE2D

(When donating on line please state your name and envelope number for office use.)

The basket collectors are a group of parishioners who assist with the collection at the weekend Masses, and the envelope collectors assist with the collection of the Parish Development Fund envelops.
We have two groups of 4 or 5 parishioners who alternate each week the recording and lodging of the monies collected at the Masses.
Parish Finance Committee:
The committee consists of four members. The parish finance committee is responsible for the overseeing of the finance of the parish. At their meetings they review the income and the expenditure of the parish. In conjunction with the Parish Pastoral Council they oversee the general and development work in the parish and make recommendations on spending and implementation of projects. They facilitate the annual audit by the external accountants, monitor the annual distribution of the Parish Envelopes and prepare an annual statement which is presented to parishioners.
The current committee are:
Michael Laffey,
Ciara O’Reilly,
Lorna Battersby,
Fr. Brendan Ferris.
Standing Order forms:
The standing order form is available on the page below. You can if you wish do it directly with your bank if you do online banking.