Couples who plan to marry in St Andrew’s Church must fill in a booking form, obtainable from the Parish Priest.  If you wish the priest of the parish to conduct your marriage ceremony, check the date and time with him.

Couples are advised to discuss the ceremony with the officiating priest – readings, hymns, marriage rite etc.  You should contact ACCORD and register for your pre-marriage course at least 6 months in advance. It is advisable to book early, as these courses are usually heavily booked.

In the celebration of the marriage ceremony, the readings must be taken from scripture and all other prayers from the marriage ritual.  The music should also be appropriate to the celebration of a Sacrament.

Accord and offer a website at as a service to all couples preparing for a Church wedding. The web site is very attractively designed and easy to navigate. It has a wedding timeline which highlights some points to consider at specific stages in the couples journey towards their wedding day. The site provides answers to the many questions that couples are faced with when preparing for their wedding day including information on Church expectations, essential steps, the ceremony, marriage preparation, faith and knowledge. The website has a special section on the wedding booklet that should prove extremely useful to couples in preparing their own booklet as it outlines the various options available including vows, prayers, readings and hymns etc. This site is worth a visit.

All couples wishing to celebrate their marriage abroad must firstly fill in a form available from the Parish Priest. All Church papers for weddings abroad (pre-nuptial enquiry forms) are to be completed at least six months prior to the date for the marriage.  In Irish law the obligation to oversee the civil registration of marriage rests with the couple. The civil registration of marriages differs from country to Country.