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Parishes of Ardcath/Clonalvy and Curraha

Fr. Brendan Ferris: 01-8350136 Mobile 087-2204788
Third Sunday of Lent (4th March 2018)
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Curraha – St Andrew’s Church -
Ardcath– St Mary’s Church & Clonalvy St John the Baptist Church

Children for Baptism: The next meeting for parents who wish to have their children baptised, will take place in the Parish Centre Curraha at 8pm on Thursday the 8th of March and then Thursday 19th of April.

Eucharistic Adoration: Clonalvy Tuesday 10am – 11am. Ardcath: Wednesday 10am – 11am. Curraha Thursday 10am– 12noon, Newcomers always welcome

March 17th/18th        Ministers of the Eucharistic          Ministers of the Word
Ardcath 6.30pm            Patricia Fox                                     Bernie Arnold & Maire McKenna
Clonalvy 10.00am         Anne Whyte                                    Brenda Fanning
Curraha 11.30am          Gerard O’Connor                             Michael Laffey

11th March Fourth Sunday of Lent
Vigil Ardcath 6.30pm A.V. Richard (Dick) Connolly A.V. Kathleen & Patrick Maher and DFM 
                               Maloney Family
Sunday Clonalvy 10.00am A.V. Michael & Nuala Barnwell A.V. James & Josephine Harford and DFM
                                       A.V. Peter & Jane Grendon and DFM

Sunday Curraha 11.30am A.V. Bridget & Vincent Gargan & Sr. Christopher M.M. Hilda Farrell
                                      A.V. Mark Mooney A.V. Bridget & James O’Connor A.V. Jack Ferris
                                      A.V. Jackie & Patricia Whyte, Thomas & Jane Whyte & DFM

Monday Curraha 9.30am 12th Gabriel Howard
Tuesday Clonalvy 9.30am 13th Michael Fanning
Wednesday Ardcath 9.30am 14th Deceased Members Corry Family
Thursday Curraha 9.30am 15th A.V. Paddy Brett
Friday Ardcath 9.30am 16th No Morning Mass

Saturday 17th March St Patrick’s Day
Vigil Ardcath (16th) 7.30pm A.V. Fr. Peter Mulvaney
Clonalvy 10.00am People of the Parish/Families Overseas
Curraha 11.30am People of the Parish/Families Overseas

18th March Fifth Sunday of Lent
Vigil Ardcath 6.30pm A.V. Noelie Savage & A.V. Fr. Peter Mulvaney
Sunday Clonalvy 10.00am A.V. Joseph Whyte A.V. Rita & Dave Atkinson
Sunday Curraha 11.30am M.M. Catherine Fitzgerald A.V. Christine Hamilton

Converting The Greek word for conversion is metanoia. It means to turn down or change our direction, rather like following a map and realizing we are going down the wrong road, or driving our car and have lost our way and the Sat Nav says: ‘Turn around when possible.’ We tend to think of conversion as dramatic, powerful and life-changing event. In many ways this is true, St Paul, St Ignatius of Loyola, St Augustine are wonderful examples of this. They were going in one direction but were radically transformed by a personal and living encounter with God that completely changed the direction of their lives. Conversion, however, is also an on-going and life-long process. Our first conversion was Baptism; we seek a second through penance and interior renewal.

New Bishop of Ossory. This Sunday the 11th March, a priest of our  Dioceses of Meath will be Ordained Bishop of Ossory. Monsignor Dermot Farrell. Until now he has been Parish Priest of Dunboyne & Kilbride in our Dioceses. He has worked in the Cathedral parish of Mullingar, and in Tullamore and in Dunboyne as Parish Priest. He was also Vicar General in the diocese, and served for over twenty years in Maynooth, as lecturer in Moral Theology, Vice-President and President. Please remember  Bishop Dermot in your prayers.

LIGHT THE FIRE! St. Patrick’s Day 2018 – You’re invited to a special event on the Hill of Slane to pray together for Ireland on the very spot where St. Patrick lit the Easter Fire. Event begins at 5:00pm, 17th March; Holy Mass celebrated by Bishop Michael Smith at 5:30pm followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This is an outdoor event so please dress warm. Feel free to bring a chair. For more information contact the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, 041 9830441.

Fundamental right: Every one of us has a right to our life.  It is not given to us by the Constitution of Ireland or by any law.  We have it ‘as of right’, whether we are wealthy or poor, healthy or sick.  All human beings have it.  For us as a society to now declare that any category of human being should have that right taken from them would be a shocking step.  It effectively says that unborn children do not exist or, if they do, they do not count.  That is a manifest injustice.

St Patrick’s N.S. 5th and 6th class are hosting a pop up coffee shop called 'Koffee Korner' as part of the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. It will commence on Thursday the 15th of March from 11am-2:40pm in the school hall, all are welcome.

Curraha I.C.A. next meeting will take place on the 12th of March in the Parish Centre at 8pm. If you wish to join or bring a friend you a more than welcome.
Ardcath  I.C.A. Senior Citizens party will be held in the Glenside Hotel on Sunday 8 April at Three p.m. Anybody eligible  to attend and has not received an invitation  please  contact Ann Sheridan on 086-3297121 or Joan Caffrey on 087-6243684.

Curraha Lotto results 5th March 2018. There was no jackpot winner the numbers drawn were 2-3-8-14 There was one Match 3 winner Tony McEntee who wins €200.00. The Jackpot is now at €1200.00 and the next draw will take place in The Becks.

St Vincent’s Windfall not won. Numbers drawn were 7-24-34. Names drawn for monthly draw were Kayla & Peter Moore and Johnny Sheridan. Next week's jackpot is €4300.00.

World Meeting of Families: This weekend a second collection is being taken up to help support the world meeting of familes in Ireland this year. We thank you for your generosity.

The Churches of St Mary’s & St John’s both will have work done to them this coming year, the stained glass on the side of Ardcath church will be removed for a number of months for re-furbishing. In Clonalvy church work on the roof will be finished, the church will be painted and the sanctuary will be re-furbished, for the painting of the church will be closed for two weeks. Your continued support with these projects in each of our Churches would be very much appreciated.