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Parishes of Ardcath/Clonalvy & Curraha
Fr. Brendan Ferris: 01-8350136 Mobile 087-2204788 
St Patrick’s Day (17th March 2019) 
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Curraha – St Andrew’s Church -
Ardcath– St Mary’s Church & Clonalvy St John the Baptist Church

Children for Baptism: The next meeting for parents who wish to have their children baptised, will take place in the Parish Centre on Thursday the 14th of March and 25th April 8.00pm .

Eucharistic Adoration: Clonalvy Tuesday 10am – 11am. Ardcath: Friday 10am – 11am. Curraha Thursday 10am– 12noon, Newcomers always very welcome.

March 23rd/24th       Ministers of the Eucharistic       Ministers of the Word
Ardcath 6.30pm            Ann Sheridan                               Eilish Behan & Ann McNally
Clonalvy 10.00am         Ann Whyte                                   Margaret Andrews
Curraha 11.30am          Maureen Mooney                          Frances Gargan

Sunday the 17th March St Patrick’s Day
Ardcath Vigil 6.30pm A.V. Deceased Members Cashen Family
Sunday Clonalvy 10.00am A.V. Michael & Nula Barnwell & DFM A.V. Rita & Dave Atkinson
Sunday Curraha 11.30am A.V. Christine Hamilton

Monday Curraha 9.30am 18th No Mass 
Tuesday Clonalvy 7.30pm 19th Special Intention 
Thursday Curraha 9.30am 21st Paula Galwey 
Friday Ardcath 9.30am 22nd Special Intention

Sunday 24th March Third Sunday of Lent
Ardcath Vigil 6.30pm A.V. Charlie Moore A.V. Peggy, Alice & Bartle Lee & parents William & Alice
Sunday Clonalvy 10.00am M.M. Monica Kavangh A.V. James Kavanagh A.V. Nancy & P.J. Andrews
Sunday Curraha 11.30am A.V. Patrick, Elizabeth & Margaret Plunkett A.V. Paddy McDermott

Dates for 2019
First Confession: Curraha 27th March 7.30pm and Ardcath 28th March 7.00pm
First Holy Communion Ardcath 4th May Curraha 18th May.

#Our Parish of Tomorrow. Curraha 13th – 16th May - Ardcath/Clonalvy 10th – 13th June
What is this? Are you free on these dates?

Every Blessing on the feast of St Patrick to one and all.

Prayer to St Patrick
St Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland.
Keep the light of the true faith burning forever brightly in the hearts of all your people.
You taught at all times the love of Christ.
Help me to forgive my enemies and work to bring God into their lives.
You loved to make people happy by telling wonderful stories about Jesus and Mary.
Guide my steps so that they may lead directly to God and use your influence to keep me in God’s goodness and mercy forever more. Amen.

We start on this step by asking God to give us the grace to recognize our sins. They may well be many. But do not forget to acknowledge the sin of simply turning away, a sin of failing to bother to address a need crying out for help, and injustice waiting to be addressed, a hurt longing to find healing. Pope Francis was once asked: ‘Who is Jorge Bergoglio?’ He responded: ‘I am a sinner. This is the most accurate definition. It is not a figure of speech. I am a sinner… whom the Lord has looked upon. We are all sinners, beggars before God’s throne of mercy. That is our best hope: to beseech God for his mercy. This is crucial part of the ‘way of proceeding’.

St Paul asked the Corinthian believers: ‘Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God’ It’s a question we should ask of ourselves. Jesus, filled with zeal and with whip in hand, cleansed the temple in Jerusalem, driving out the market traders and money changers. Lent hold out the opportunity for us to cleanse the temple and drive out those things that corrupt, undermine and diminish our lives. St Ignatius of Loyola said: ‘You wish to reform the world. First reform yourself otherwise your efforts will be in vain. @God helps us reform and change in three ways: by sending us the Holy Spirit, and my leasing us to examine our conscience and inspiring us to seek his mercy in the Sacrament of Confession.
Lord, grant me the desire to change, the courage to face up to sin and, by the poser of the Holy Spirit, drive out of my life all that offends your holiness.

Cemetery Devotion Dates:
Piercetown Saturday 22nd June Devotions 7.15pm. 
Clonalvy: Sunday 30th June Devotions directly after 10.00am Mass. 
Curraha: Sunday 7th July directly after 11.30am Mass, followed by Crickstown. 
Kilmoon: Sunday 7th July Devotions 3pm
Kilbrew: Monday 8th July Mass at 8pm.
Ardcath: Sunday 8th September Mass 2pm.

Ardcath Senior Citizens Party will be held in the Glenside Hotel at 3pm on the 7th of April.
Anybody who is eligible to attend and would like to receive an invitation please contact Joan on 087-6243684 or Anne on 087-0649254.

Curraha Lotto results 11th March 2019. There was no jackpot winner the numbers drawn were 3-10-11-12. There was no winner of the match 3 numbers which will roll over to next week. The Jackpot next week is €3900.00. The next draw will take place in Swans.

Ardcath Windfall not won Numbers drawn were 10-22-30. Names for monthly draw John & Pauline Brangan and Kevin Boylan. Next week's jackpot will be €3250.00.

# Our Parish of Tomorrow