Parish Bulletin

Parishes of Ardcath/Clonalvy & Curraha
Sunday 11th August Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Brendan Ferris: 01-8350136 Mobile 087-2204788  Parish E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Curraha – St Andrew’s Church -
Ardcath– St Mary’s Church & Clonalvy St John the Baptist Church

Children for Baptism: The next meeting for parents who wish to have their children baptised, will take place in the Parish Centre on Thursday the 29th of August and 10th October at 8.00pm.

Eucharistic Adoration: Clonalvy Tuesday 10am – 11am. Ardcath: Friday 10am – 11am. Curraha Thursday 10am– 12noon, Newcomers always very welcome.

August 17th/18th          Ministers of the Eucharistic         Ministers of the Word
Ardcath 6.30pm                Geraldine Wall                               Lara McCormack & Arthur Moore
Clonalvy 10.00am             Tom Bowler                                   Chris Green
Curraha 11.30am              Catherine Keohane                         Michael Weldon

Sunday 11th August Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ardcath Vigil 6.30pm A.V. Masie Cromwell A.V. Maureen Toner A.V. Sean O’Brien
Sunday Clonalvy 10.00am A.V. James & Mary Murray Frank Kelly & DFM
Sunday Curraha 11.30am People of the Parish Kathleen Stanners

Monday Curraha 9.30am 12th Kay Skehan
Tuesday Clonalvy 9.30pm 13th Special Intention
Thursday Curraha 9.30am 15th Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Ardcath 7.00pm 15th For the sick in our Parish
Curraha 8.00pm 15th Celebrants Intention
Friday Ardcath 9.30am 16th Mary Hickey

Sunday 18th August Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ardcath Vigil 6.30pm A.V. Eugene & Mary O’Sullivan
Sunday Clonalvy 10.00am
Sunday Curraha 11.30am M.M. Michael Joyce A.V. Elizabeth & Michael Weldon & DFM

Cemetery Devotion Dates:
Ardcath: Sunday 8th September Mass 2pm.

Lost: Mans bracelet lost in the vicinity of Curraha church if found please contact the Parish Office.

The Journey of Life
Like a fruit tree we all know our seasons.
In spring the tree is full of buds and blossoms.
So at times our lives are full
of hope and promise.

In summer the tree is full of leaves.
Our lives at times are like that.
They are full of joy and contentment.

In autumn the tree becomes a feast of colour
and is full of ripe fruit.
at times our lives are like that …..
full of meaning and achievement.

But in winter the tree is stripped bare.
So winter can hit our lives.
We are in the grip of a pain and depression
that robs us of everything,
even of the will to live.

It is on that day we need the visit
of an angel
However, if in the height of my summer
I failed to see my neighbour’s winter,
what right have I to expect such an angel?

The marvellous thing about this was that
in the midst of his own winter
he created spring for another person.

Hospitalised or Housebound: If a parishioner or family member is hospitalised or housebound and you would like Fr. Brendan to call for the sacraments, it is vitally important that you let him know. Due to Data Protection the Hospitals do not give out the names of people who are in the hospital so it is down to the family or neighbours to inform Fr. Brendan.

Safeguarding Children teams are in place in all of our parishes, the Church’s safeguarding children policy is available at Also there are contact numbers available in the back of all the churches, sacristies and parish properties.

Directives from the Diocese of Meath for Celebration of  Funeral & Wedding Masses 
In our Parish according to Diocesan guidelines, “Eulogies/Speeches thanking People” are not part of the Funeral Mass;   an option for a “Eulogy/Speeches thanking People” to take place is in the Funeral Home or in the Cemetery, after the burial.  Like in all celebrations of the Eucharist, Readings at the Mass must be taken from the Bible (Lectionary). Sacred Music or Hymns are only permitted during the celebration of the Eucharistic be it at a funeral or wedding Mass.

Curraha Lotto results 05.08.19 There was no jackpot winner the numbers drawn were 04-21-25-26 There was no winners of the match three numbers which will carry over to next week. The Jackpot next week is €6000.00. The next draw will take place in The Snail Box.

Ardcath Windfall not won:  Numbers drawn were 11-14-30. Names drawn for monthly draw were Brian & Mo Carberry & Leo Halpin. Next week's jackpot will be €2100.00.