We welcome new members to our Christian family. We now run a Baptismal Course for new parents wishing to Baptise their child. This course centres around the readings, prayer and significance of the symbols used during the ceremony.  The couses are run once a month and are held in the new Parish Centre Curraha (which include people from Ardcath and Clonalvy).
Our Baptismal Team is made up of the following people: Eleanor Laffey, Aileen Doyle, Geraldine Joyce and Margaret Oates. 

Baptisms takes place with the co-ordination of Fr. Brendan Ferris.  Attached is an electronic copy of the registration of Baptism Form which you can down load and fill out and return to Fr. Ferris who in turn will pass this onto our Baptism Team to arrange a meeting.

Please bring with you on the day of the Baptism a Baptismal Candle and a white robe for the ceremony.

 To down load form: Click Here